Onshore Otway, SA

Permit(s): GSEL759
Interest:100% 3D Energi Limited (Operator)
Status: Gas Storage Exploration Permit
Basin: Otway Basin, South Australia


  • 3D Energi have diversified into Gas Storage Exploration, an emerging energy market
  • Gas storage has a growing role in the east coast gas story ensuring reliable gas supply during peak demand
  • Depleted Caroline gas field with potential suitability for gas storage project
  • 20km from Mount Gambier and existing South East Pipeline System (SEPS)


The Onshore Otway Project at GSEL 759 is exploring the feasibility of the abandoned Caroline carbon dioxide (CO2) field within the onshore Otway Basin as a gas storage site, with the depleted reservoir potentially suitable for the storage of hydrogen, natural gas, or carbon dioxide.

Caroline Field was previously held by Air Liquide Australia Ltd and was relinquished at the end of April 2022 having produced approximately 25 BCF of CO2. Caroline was discovered in 1967 during petroleum exploration drilling and flowed CO2 in commercial quantities at up to 99% purity. It became the single most profitable well in South Australia. Food grade liquid CO2 was processed onsite continuously from 1968 until 2016. The field declined during the last decade of production and was shut in during 2017, then plugged, abandoned and the site remediated in 2019.

Gas storage forms an important part of the east coast gas story by ensuring the maintenance of a reliable gas supply during periods of high demand.

GSEL 759 Gas Storage Exploration Licence, onshore South Australia

The Gas Storage Exploration Licence GSEL 759 was awarded 100% to 3D Energi Limited in July 2022. The permit is located only 20km southeast of Mount Gambier and proximal to the South East Pipeline System (SEPS). The licence covers an area of 1.02km2 and is centrally located around the plugged and abandoned Caroline-1 wellhead, over part of the now depleted Caroline Field.

The GSEL has a 5-year work program culminating in a final gas storage business model and includes reservoir deliverability and seal integrity studies, seismic interpretation (potentially reprocessing) to assist with the development of a static and dynamic model, and the development of an economic model that incorporates drilling, completions and engineering studies.

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